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Nikon Fm2 Gumwall 85mm Tmax 1600 Night Portrait 1987

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cathy ackerman (swimmer extraordinaire)

Cathy Ackerman in gum alley, Purdue. Night.

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the extraordinary swimmer circa 1997
Hey David,
Nice work! Definately a flash of the past. This site was forwarded to my email...I guess people have been looking me up and came across this photo. Nice. I remember the evening quite well. I don't think the gum wall is there anymore though. Occasionally I'll come across a freind that has the yearbook with a variation of this photo in it and always have wondered what you've been up to with your photography. I have to assure them that indeed it is me in the back lit photo (in the yearbook)...now I can prove it thanks to your caption. I'm very proud to have been part of your work! You are very talented!

Cathy (Ackerman) Steiner
Purdue 1985-1989
Palatine, IL 27Sep2005 5:41 AM