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Bokeh Fence
Woodland Alley Barn
Black Water
Coast Starlight Field Blur
Twighlight Fireflies
Feather Falls
San Gregorio Beach
Night Cactus
Woodhaven World
Hiddleson Pool
Napa Fence post
Winters Bridge
Potato vine at night
lonely chair
Persimmon & Rainstorm
Yolo Guardian
Modesty In Numbers
The Last Egret
Monterey Aquarium Jellyfish
From Monterey Lover's Point (at night)
Morning Fog
Fall into Winter
Paint and Cracks
Nevada Snow Fence
Nevada Telegraph Pole
Stopped Cardinal
"Go To Indianapolis"
Richmond Station
Captive Ships
Night Park Redwood
night lily
Making Raisins
Al Alcorn Expounds
Esparto Abandoned Business
Esparto Java Cafe
Dunsmuir Rain Curb
Ashland Campground
Westport-ish Coastline
Fort Bragg Campground
Mendicino Headlands Dusk
Mendicino, Boy, Rock
Mendicino Headlands
Light Painted Succulent
Old Clear Lake Gas Station

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old WCCR Photos
alexa045-at-mc.duke.edu - Stew Durham, NC
16Jul2011 10:41 AM (2 years 282 days ago)
Hey Dave,

I was wondering if you still had some of your old WCCR photos (and if so, would I maybe talk with you about getting a few for my office)?

Stew Pollard 85-87 WCCR
Greetings Earthling
mark.nearing-at-gmail.com - Mark Nearing
27Mar2011 12:01 PM (3 years 28 days ago)
Hey Dave, Was just checkig out some old Jazz Butcher(thanks) and came across your name - just thought I'd say hello. In Tucson now, life is grand, and warm. Hope you ae well. Mark Nearing
Purdue music scene
efinch-at-gmail.com - Evan Finch
4Jun2008 9:41 AM (5 years 324 days ago)
David, would you consider joining (and posting some photos to) the Musical Family Tree site at http://www.musicalfamilytree.net ? That site is devoted to Indiana musical history, with a particular emphasis on the era from the late 1970s to the early 1990s. At the moment, West Lafayette/Purdue is woefully underrepresented on there.
Old Psych Building Chairs
paul.gordon-at-guilford.com - new york city
20Sep2005 2:18 PM (8 years 217 days ago)
Dear David,

I am writing to express my interest in using one or more of your
photographs on a future book cover for Guilford Press.
Well Done!
shoequeenie-at-yahoo.com - Indianpolis via New Pal, USA
20Apr2005 11:22 AM (9 years 5 days ago)
A blast from your past...fellow NPHS grad. D.Amburgey ('84). Stumbled across your website and found it to be quite interesting and amazing to say the least! Your photography is fantastic! Not a surprise that you would continue to be creative within the world of art and music. Was trying to figure out why Kim looked so familiar...then the brick fell on my head and I remembered! My parents still have a pencil (color) drawing she did for me (about 23 years ago!) from an old photograph of my Dad and I. It's still one of my Mom's true treasures. Congratulations on your many successes! All the best!