David Whittemore / now

What he's doing now?

  1. Beardin'.
  2. About to start another 6 month contract gig with Netflix.
  3. Shopping around for body shops and engine shops to help me complete the restoration of my 1964 Corvair.
  4. Spinning and lifting to stave off further deterioration. Ug.
  5. Digitizing the 700 West Recording 2 and 8 channel reel-to-reel tapes to 24bit/192kHz. Learning about the care, feeding, and expense(!) of 40 year old multichannel open reel tape recorders.
  6. Being excited about the dat protocol for building the distributed web. (Watch this to understand: Beaker weekly livestream)
  7. Re-writing my HTDB engine in node.js
  8. I made an animated SVG vacuum coffee timer in React/nextjs See here
  9. Upgrading the (2,000+ page) Jazz Butcher website to CSS and structured data, with the longterm goal of publishing json and media to archive.org.
  10. Entertaining employment opportunities. See my resume

What he's not doing now:

  1. Working for The Man.
  2. Changing my background image.

Sat Jan 18 20:35:13 PST 2020