David Whittemore / now

What he's doing now?

  1. I accidentally invented an interesting, super simple role+permission-based route/middleware framework in nodejs to support a frontend's need for fetching data securely.
  2. Coming to the end of a lengthy (20 month) Netflix contract - I must be doing something right! Current project is the re-write of a highly visible public-facing application, where I architected and implemented several micro-services which talk to internal APIs. Async All The Things. Nodejs/nextjs. Other responsibilities: maintaining their internal employee review tool, hacking on internal "employee application" tools (nodejs/rails) using Jenkins, Spinnaker, etc in a AWS and Google app environment. Worked with many cross-discipline teams to accomplish goals.
  3. Preparing the 700 West Recording reel-to-reel tapes for a cleanup and proper digitization.
  4. Wrote a gCal extension used by Netflix employee to display profiles of meeting attendees.
  5. Minor contributions to the PXL2000 project.
  6. Being excited about the dat protocol for building the distributed web. (Watch this to understand: Beaker weekly livestream)
  7. Re-writing my HTDB engine in node.js
  8. I made an animated SVG vacuum coffee timer in React/nextjs See here
  9. Utilizing React.js/next.js in a new/large project.
  10. Actively upgrading the (2,000+ page) Jazz Butcher website to CSS and structured data, with the longterm goal of publishing json and media to archive.org.
  11. Trying to get my start-up I'd Watch That off the ground.
  12. Entertaining employment opportunities. See my resume

What he's not doing now:

  1. Working for The Man.
  2. Changing my background image.

Sat Jun 29 18:17:28 PDT 2019