David Whittemore / now

What he's doing now?

  1. Super excited about the dat protocol for building the distributed web. (Watch this to understand: Beaker weekly livestream)
  2. Playing around with re-writing my HTDB engine in node.js
  3. Working a Netflix contract, maintaining internal tools (in Rails) using git, Jenkins, Spinnaker, etc in a AWS and Google app environment.
  4. I made an animated SVG vacuum coffee timer in React/nextjs See here
  5. Entertaining employment opportunities. See my resume
  6. Utilizing React.js/next.js in a new/large project.
  7. Actively upgrading the (2,000+ page) Jazz Butcher website to CSS and structured data, with the longterm goal of publishing json and media to archive.org.
  8. Trying to get my start-up I'd Watch That off the ground.

What he's not doing now:

  1. Working for The Man.
  2. Changing my background image.

Sun Aug 12 13:19:01 PDT 2018