another Smith
you... - Chicago - 27Sep2005 12:57 PM
Patrick Smith played guitar and sang. I believe your photo of unknown girl eating apple was his girl at the time....ahhh memories

Girls Can Touch
DELETECAPScland2... - Houston, Texas - 15Oct2005 7:00 PM
Listened to one of their tapes today ("Happy Dream") for the first time in many years. Glad to see they appear on the Internet. =) GCT was Patrick Smith, Robert Smith, Todd Keaffaber.

'Girls Can Touch' touches me
Channy... - Hamburg, Germany - 31Dec2005 9:38 AM
I'm having much fun and pleasure wandering around what you've gathered here!

fun band
you... - Chicago suburbs - 5Jan2006 7:54 PM
yes that long hairded girl in the background of the mic was Pat's lady Julia. I was a local bud of Pat at the time and that's me sitting to Julia's left. was searching to find out where he is these days and caught this site in a search by the band name. great memory!

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