W.R. Justice
sghoures... - Houston, TX - 13Dec2004 8:52 AM
My sister and I hired the company that W.R. Justice worked for -- there have been many; easier to escape prosecution that way -- in 1990 after our mother died in Indianapolis. He repeatedly said how sorry he was that we had lost our mother and how he wanted to help us in this difficult time, and "by the way, which one of the paintings is the most valuable? I want to really take care of everything." Once we returned to our respective homes in other states, our inherited things from our mother did not arrive. Finally, to make a long story short, it became apparent that he would not be sending anything until he was paid by the credit card company. I reported our claims to his insurance company, including his remark about the paintings. Her response: "Oh, please don't tell me he said that." Even though it was obvious that she knew what he was doing, the insurance company denied our claim. We also discovered that he was on thin ice with most creditors, and no one would do business with him until they were paid. He is an evil man, who had threatening letters sent to us after we complained. Finally, we gave up, because pursuing it meant taking time off of work and flying to Indiana after we had just been away from our jobs for two weeks handling -- alone -- everything that needed to be done after our mother died. The things that did finally arrive were all broken. All memories and treasures that we had of and from our mother were either destroyed or stolen by W. R. Justice. He is an evil, dishonest man who should not be in any business. Be very careful when you cross his path.

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