a.a... - sf - 19Apr2005 6:50 PM
i live in frisco and have seen this house and the people have accepted it. graffiti rules

Re: "its art"
del... - The 'Tuck - 24Jun2004 3:22 PM
i attempted to respond to the gentleman's comments below, but the mail bounced.

here's what i said:

"so... i can spray paint your car? or your house? or your clothing?

it is a matter of personal property being abused in this particular instance.

where do *you* draw the line?"

its art
pupujhon... - los angeles C.A. - 24Jun2004 3:16 PM
i think that taging is art i do it and i am very proud of my work. so why do you call it aduse to tag.AKA boxer

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