fz.. - Matt, Zionsville, IN - 6Oct2015 10:18 AM
I went to Purdue '05-'09 and found your site a few years back looking for something about the Nude Olympics. I lived in Cary sophomore year ('06-'07). From what I've heard, it sounds much better when you were at Purdue (and an old boss, who lived there in the '70s).

The fireplaces actually worked per my old boss (by the time I got there they were just decorative; also, all of the Quad, except Southeast/Southwest had been remodeled into suites). Also, people actually got together instead of locking themselves in their rooms. My floor was an exception as our RA was a great guy and we had a communal event during spring semester. Also, the pseudo-hazing (per my old boss I guess the seniors would make freshman (or underclassmen?) march out in the fall by floor and do hazing of sorts) is long gone too. Floor photos (I've found old photos of each side of the quad by floor) are no more. Additionally, I never recall the Nude Olympics happening (we talked about what was but, to my knowledge, it never happened). Finally, what you have up in the photo here never happened, either.

Some positive points about my time at the Quad include: 1) After our first football game of the season, I walked back to my room from Ross-Ade (5 minutes, if that), cracked open a beer, sat on my bed, and was able to watch the rest of the fourth from my room. 2) A not complete dead sense of camaraderie (I think all of East (where I lived) went down to the basement and watched the '07 Super Bowl). 3) (Although this was more the time in general than anything unique to Cary) Smartphones really hadn't shown up yet and so texting was limited and people still spoke face-to-face for the most part.

I was on campus in November last year on business and it was insane to see (walking through Weatherhill) all the students with their faces in their phones.

Though I did enjoy my time at Purdue, there certainly were advantages to being there when you were there.

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