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Jazz Butcher show
from '86 in Chicago... Is there a recording of that show? Looked like it from their web site. Is that something you might have a n be willing to share? I saw it and it was one of the best dhows I ever saw at Metro. Would be most appreciated.
John - Chicago 3Sep2008 9:14 AM
The Diamond 8.Nov.1990
Thanks again for the lift back to the train station, for getting us back to meet the band, hang, and so on.

Still sorry about the loss of all the DATs a week later.

I owe you a tape from the show in http://www.jazzbutcher.com/htdb/gigs/1988/Mar20.html

Once I get my tapes tx'd to mp3 or what not it's all yours... albeit 17 years late.

BTW thanks for Garageband.com

chris blackman 12Oct2007 4:41 PM
and why aren't your photos on the wall for $150?
I've followed Aaron Huey's work for a few years now. Be inspired by someone so young. www.aaronhuey.com

David. I think you need a Leica.
Kim. David needs a Leica.

somewhere on the road 4Oct2005 9:30 AM
Your site
Do you know that this site:


is doing remote linking and copyright infringement with your pictures?

Another copyright owner
Here, USofA 21Jun2004 2:48 PM
JBC at GAMH 1997
from the JBC website:

David Whittemore says:
"... ? yes. success"

Are you sharing?

We loved this show, and loved the next one
with the full band there...

She'd be surprised and thrilled to hear
either one of these shows again.

Thanks very much, either way.
South Bay 10Dec2003 3:29 PM

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