Carrie Newcomer
Robert Shannon Meitus

Captured to DAT by David Whittemore in 1991.

Earth Day in 1991 - the week I acquired my first portable DAT recorder - I plugged into the soundboard to capture some of the all-day concert held at the Armory on the Purdue University campus.

Robert Shannon Meitus and his band, The Dorkestra, as well as Carrie Newcomer (whose debut album was due out a few weeks after the concert) and many others played that day. Carrie sings backup on several of these Dorkestra tunes.

12 years later, technology has progressed to the point that I can share with you the performances from that rainy day in 1991.

Photo: Whittemore

About the photography

I had taken a photograph that was used on the album cover of Robert's previous band East Of Eden and he requested that I take some posed pictures for an upcoming solo release. We went to a decrepit farmhouse shell and he strummed and I took some snaps.

A couple of weeks after the Armory concert, Carrie Newcomer played a solo gig in Lafayette, Indiana. The date was 31 May 1991 and the sound system was very nice.

Photo: Whittemore

Carrie's first album - Visions and Dreams was just out and sported a photograph that I had taken during a photoshoot in the Purdue University Union earlier in the year.

Carrie is a very charismatic and capable performer.

The Full Concert (updated: 2020-05-31)

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  • Small world - Jonathan, Nagoya, Japan
    8Feb2009 3:17 AM (15 years 170 days ago)
    I was searching the web for a reference to the nude olympics at Purdue to contrast to the Naked man festival here in Aichi-ken, Japan and stumbled across photos of my good friend and kindergarten classmate Robert Meitus. I enjoyed the stroll down memory lane. If you find any old recordings of the predecessor to East of Eden (The Sound), listen for the rock and roll trumpet in the mix. That's me.

    I hope you don't mind the link to your nude olympics photo at
  • very nice recordings...
    Tim...@...ckman - Philadelphia, PA, USofA
    4Sep2005 1:54 PM (18 years 327 days ago)

    It's really great treat to hear Carrie's music. I have a special fondness for music from the era of these recordings; I spent a few years before this mixing the sound at most Carrie's live shows. Over the years, I had the chance to work with Robert and his Dorketra, The Icemakers and many other area musicians. Wonderful memories, indeed.

    Timothy Stockman
  • Thanks for the recordings! - Jason Dufair
    11Nov2004 2:00 PM (19 years 259 days ago)
    Thanks for making these recordings available! I was the sound engineer for many Icemakers shows and friends with them and Carrie and Robert. I appreciate you posting these. I'm hopefully going to put some old Icemakers recordings on my website ( in the next 2 months or so.

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