David Whittemore / now

What he's doing now?

  1. Teaching my ancient HTDB software new tricks: json handling natively
  2. Migrated mail server and websites for 2 dozen domains from AWS->DigitalOcean. Certbot rocks.
  3. Active projects:
    • Efforts to capture and archive Jazz Butcher material is in full effect. Set up a github project and created a custom next-auth/AWS s3 uploader app to allow collaborators to contribute large media files.
    • Massive changes to the 700 West Recording website. Completely re-written from HTDB -> nextjs (after 24 years!)
    Keeping busy!
  4. Completed 38 months of Netflix contracts. Was responsible for data syncing subsystems in the Netflix hiring app, which handles thousands of applicants per day, data syncing for the Netflix internal travel app, and a re-write of the public-facing Media Center.
  5. Published a few javascript modules:
    • mywrap - getting up and running w/mysql w/sensible local defaults
    • quicker - for tracking investment asset and sector allocation
    • sekret - for managing encrypted application secrets
    • quester - for managing longrunning cron-like nodejs processes
  6. Shopping around for body shops and engine shops to help me complete the restoration of my 1964 Corvair.
  7. Digitizing the 700 West Recording 2 and 8 channel reel-to-reel tapes to 24bit/192kHz. Learning about the care, feeding, and expense(!) of 40 year old multichannel open reel tape recorders.
  8. Upgrading the (2,000+ page) Jazz Butcher website to CSS and structured data, with the longterm goal of publishing json and media to archive.org.
  9. Entertaining employment opportunities. See my resume

What he's not doing now:

  1. Working for The Man.
  2. Changing my background image.

Fri Jan 6 06:01:04 UTC 2023