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Davis Arboretum Cactus Flower
A Boy And His Sling
Road 25 Bridge
Road 25 Gate
Yolo Hills and Clouds
Rush Ranch Truck
Central Valley Sprinklers
Western Tiger Swallowtail
Track Kills
Blank Spring Ruins
Stickers For Sale
Oakland Drummer
No Parking
Super Boy
A beautiful little witch
"Harvest Carnival"
San Francisco sunset
Coit Tower
"Ted Bailey MTA" Boomerang
Cross Country Girl
Winters Toys
Bamboo Flute
1st Cross Country Meet
Dale Gone Wild
Feather Falls Lizard
Mystery Flowers
Algae Laminar Flow
Lake Berryessa Hillside
Garlic Harvest
Pena Adobe Is Doomed
Yuba Antiques
Graffiti Corner
Carquinez Bridge
Shasta Daisies
SF "Crumb" Scene
Creepy Church
rose trio
icky clouds
woodland leaves
ymca boys
Isleton boxers
Nevada Sunrise
Playground Equipment
Kiddie Transporters
Bird Of Paradise
Confident Swimmer
Yolo Pig
Swim lessons
Feather Falls detail
smashed shipment
train blur
Nevada Flatscape
Grand Junction, Utah
Colorado Homestead
Princess Stinky
Martin's head
The Old Coast Road
Big Sur Moth
Stubborn Horsey
Big Sur River Hell
the MR2 hits 99,000
The Big Drive
Artichoke Fields Forever
Hippy Lunch
Zmudowski Beach
Mountain and fence
Hills and bales
Gladys in winter wheat
Bar Dog
Golden Gate Bridge
Doomed oak, Pena Adobe Valley
Tagged planter
Gladys, nuts at Pena Adobe
Apples, lost in San Francisco
Moon over mountains
...slight chance of rain
unnaturally colored
miserable indiana sky #3
First time on the ice!
Bird of Paradise
self-portrait - on the road
Hope Valley - from above
Hope Valley - debris formation
Hope Valley - pretentiously framed mountain
gladys, championship pose
Hope Valley - Carson river tributary (I think)
The Long Boom

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The Dogs
Hey, David. I came across some photos that you took for a three piece band called The Dogs back in 1989-90. I had wanted to credit you on the pictures that have been uploaded to Facebook, but time being what it is, I couldn't remember your name. Scott Venners and Michael Pierce helped me out with that info. I just wanted to thank you again for the great job that you did on that shoot. The band didn't last very long, but the pictures bring back good memories for the guys. That is priceless... I'll send you some scanned images, if you'd like.

p.s. I love shooting band photography, myself.
Cheryl Snowden Morris Lafayette, IN 22Jun2014 4:19 PM
old WCCR Photos
Hey Dave,

I was wondering if you still had some of your old WCCR photos (and if so, would I maybe talk with you about getting a few for my office)?

Stew Pollard 85-87 WCCR
Stew Durham, NC 16Jul2011 10:41 AM
Greetings Earthling
Hey Dave, Was just checkig out some old Jazz Butcher(thanks) and came across your name - just thought I'd say hello. In Tucson now, life is grand, and warm. Hope you ae well. Mark Nearing
Mark Nearing 27Mar2011 12:01 PM
Purdue music scene
David, would you consider joining (and posting some photos to) the Musical Family Tree site at http://www.musicalfamilytree.net ? That site is devoted to Indiana musical history, with a particular emphasis on the era from the late 1970s to the early 1990s. At the moment, West Lafayette/Purdue is woefully underrepresented on there.
Evan Finch 4Jun2008 9:41 AM
Old Psych Building Chairs
Dear David,

I am writing to express my interest in using one or more of your
photographs on a future book cover for Guilford Press.
new york city 20Sep2005 2:18 PM