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Nikon Fm2 Fire Indianapolis 35mm Lights Ektachrome Night Water 1988

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Hiroshima, Mon Amour

I once went with Allison to a Broad Ripple, Indiana rememberence of the dropping of the Bomb.

People made open cubes of paper and placed candles inside. The outsides were decorated according to the tastes of the individual who made them.

At dusk, they were lit and let free down Fall Creek in Indianapolis.

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funny fire
we used to do the same thing when i was a boy.

it started by accident one year when a neighbor kid lit a paper bag of pop-corn on fire and then dropped it over the bridge (between Chesterfield and Anderson).

In amazement we watched as the bag continued to burn as it floated down the river. even then i knew it was the oil on the pop-corn.

We watched it for a long time. it kept burning until it rounded a bend and went out of site.
white river 21Nov2003 2:54 PM