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Nikon Fm2 28mm Ektachrome Self Portrait 1987

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When VGA was Hot Shit

I worked for the USDA for several years before and after college. It kept me busy during the summers and let me build my chops on *your* dime. Thanks.

One summer, the tyrant of a boss whisked me offsite to work with another field office's personnel. Which really amounted to my being locked in a hotel for a week with nothing to do but program - and not getting overtime for all the hours.

The most memorable thing was that there was an earthquake (in Indiana) that I felt. The same quake cracked the floor-length mirror in Indiana's oldest bar - The Knickerbocker - 100 miles away.

This is me writing some C code on an early Tandy Color something or other.

tab stops=8 FTW!

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