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Nikon D70 Light Painting 2005

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Light Painted Succulent

i picked up the Nikon D70 today, even though the D50 is supposed to arrive in stores this week.

but my parents are here and i wanted a better camera than the raggedy aging Nikon 995, so today we went shopping.

this is my first night photography effort using the D70.

dusk, actually, and a plant on my patio, painted with a laser pointer.

about a 15 second exposure.

later experiments confirmed that shots over 100 seconds are affected by a light source *inside* the camera in the upper left-hand corner - which is pretty disappointing for the price i paid.

other than *that* (and the lack of a cable release, and that my old manual lenses cannot focus at infinity on this body (grrr)), the D70 appears to be a nice camera.

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