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Nikon Fm2 85mm Ektachrome Night 1987

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Carnival candied apple

At Purdue, I was photo editor for a couple of years.

Officially, that meant I was partly responsible for making sure that all the empty spots in the layout for the 1000+ page University yearbook got filled. I was in change of bugging a staff of a couple dozen photographers to help me take pictures of various activities.

Un-officially, that meant that I had free reign with really nice Nikon cameras, super sexy fast lenses, and free developing.

It was not unusual for me to shoot 2 to 3 rolls of film every day for 2 years.

This young lady is nameless - I don't even believe she knew I was standing there with a camera.

Update - 2008-09-26 12:07

the woman in the photo is Linde Rasmussen. I dated her my freshman year. That is my jean jacket that she is wearing. Nami and I love looking at your photos. It brought back a ton of memories. Thanks Daron Henry

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