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Nikon 995 Chair Shadows Window 2001

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The Long Boom

Like many companies in 2001, the online technology-related one for which I am a V.P. of something or other had a difficult time.

No, the company was not necessarily lavish or full of excess. Hell, the company wasn't even a waste of money after a stupid idea.

But the market don't care. Once the lemmings reach their mass, they *will* go over that cliff.

This was taken the day after the majority of the company were let go so that the remainder'd have a better chance of stretching the last of the money through fund-raising.

I got to stay.

To not know - for months on end - whether you can plan your future around a paycheck is very unsettling. At least those out of the job have *certainty* - they can get on with it. I reckon it is like living with cancer in the family.

At some point you don't care if the news is good or bad - JUST TELL ME WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

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