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Nikon Fm2 Flash Hair 28mm Low-Angle Kodak Gold Purdue Self Portrait Smoking 1990

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Self portrait

For a period in my life - just after I collected my B.A. from Purdue University, I had kick-ass hair, and I smoked a bit.

I attended the on-campus interviews like all the others, but ended up finding a job on my own. I distinctly remember sitting down to the arranged on-campus interview with Arthur Anderson - and promptly getting back up within 5 minutes and excusing myself from the interview.

It became clear to me just how corporate and square the ideal candidate for Arthur Anderson was, and I was not interested in being the ideal candidate.

This photo was taken in a parking garage, with the camera on timer sitting on the floor.

By the looks of the hair, this is about 6 months after the decision to pursue my own career path.

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