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Harvest Festival Masks
Harvest Festival Balloons
Western Milky Way
Milky Satellite Meteor
Springtime Hail
Dixon Restuarant Diptych
A Delicate Unreality
Foggy Night
Woodstock Neon
Leafy Mistake
Skater Babe
Nightmare Baby
Blue Chair Trio
Live Oak
Wohlfrom Family Mausoleum
Yvonne In The Park
Bee Porn
10 Second Pizza
Sphinx Moth On Checker Bloom
Baby mantis
Xylocopa varipuncta, lavender (and ant)
White Pipes
King's Throne
Evening Skateboarder
Girl Exiting Caterpillar
Davis Redwood Stump
Santa Cruz Surf
Monterey Bay Aquarium

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