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Yvonne In The Park
White Pipes
King's Throne
Santa Cruz Surf
Bucktown Hawk
Stebbing Manor
Yolo Fence Detail
Puddle Jumper
Yolo Wool Mill Alpaca
Walker Creek Ranch Lifeguard Seat
Walker Creek Ranch Hillside
Where Woodland Ends (No. 1)
Wilbur Hotspring Summer Grasses
Chicago Union Station
La Junta White Wall
Ellicott City B&O Station
Montezuma Cypress, Sacramento, CA
Cache Creek Nature Preserve
View From The Campanile
Berkeley Campanile
Berkeley Campanile Steps
Berkeley Paleo Museum
Raton, New Mexico
On Whittemore Pond
Two Men Walk Into A Bar..
Unimaginative Reflection
Psych Building Attic
snow on stairs
Self Portrait/Landing
Slayter Hill Snow
Judy Biersdorfer
old psych bldg chairs
Handcolored gumwall flowers
JFK - from the first roll

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