leighk... - PiercedArtistic - 9Jan2001 2:57 PM
Your work is breathtaking...unfortunately, left with no breath, I am unable to comment.

(love your stuff)

photo op
you... - 20Jul2001 11:28 AM
My what an interesting life you have had, a great deal of which i was not aware of. Nice pictures altho some of them did not seem to match the comments. I especially liked the one about Gladys (not the dog). And if you would send me a print of #84 Wheeling WVa I'd appreciate it. Love, Mom

you... - 26May2005 6:26 PM
i believe they are famous now. if this is the same band they did the opening song for the tv show "Malcom in the Middle"

They are young in that pic!
superchipmunk... - Everett, WA - 15Nov2005 4:47 PM
They are heck 'o young in that pic... since they are 45-6 now... Still Flans is hot as ever!

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