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Accordion Nikon Fm2 Glasses 180mm Tri-X Microphone Music Performance Singing Tmbg 1987

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They Might Be Giants

In 1987, my roommate, Micheal Paul Pierce, convinced me to take a roadtrip from Purdue University down to Indiana University to see a band I'd never heard before. The band were a couple of oddballs with a drum machine and tape loops and an accordian. They called themselves They Might Be Giants and they were quite entertaining. The room held about 100 people and everyone was just awestruck and thoroughly enjoying the wacky performance.

As I recall, Arson Garden opened for them. April Combs now does Carrie Newcomer's website and her brother James has a website (www.jam escombs.com) which used to sit on the same physical disk as this one. Small world, innit?

Tri-X 1600 ASA

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