msloan... - Sloan, Alexandria, IN - 19Jun2018 3:04 PM
The first running of the Nude Olympics was winter, 1970. I was there for the brainstorming - not many cells were wasted on this. The idea came to us as we sat around a tiny Cary NorthEast room on the first floor, with nothing to do but think up stupid things we might do on this minus 20 degree night in West Lafayette. We contacted people we knew in each section of the entire Quad, met outside and ran 2 laps.
That was it. There was one fight caused by someone filling a trash can with water and tossing it on one of the runners as they passed by.

Nude Olympics, 1971-72 school year
Saddleback4747... - Dan Luce, Lafayette, Indiana - 29Mar2017 11:58 AM
I ran in 1971-72 school year. Endurance race with about 30 runners. Myself and 2 others lasted 33 minutes in -63 wind chill. I was the last to go to the hospital the next afternoon.Playboy bought pics of the event for a nudity on campus article, but never used ours.

misteriad... - Frank in Lafayette - 10Jul2015 6:12 PM
I ran the year before with my buddies -at- Wiley offering $100 (in change) and all the pizza I could eat. Ended up running just in front of my cousin each of us wearing masks. Totally worth the lack of sex drive for six weeks!

former athlete
gbkdesigner... - billy - 19Sep2013 8:34 PM
I ran in 1991 and while it is a fond memory I was the only one who did not wear a mask out of the total of 4 runners and although I was wearing socks I still almost had frostbite on my feet

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