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Great Gladys!
cheezdoodle02... - Julie from Yulee - 10Jun2005 6:54 AM
Can I paint your dog? Your shots are great and Gladys is simply beautiful. I wanted to do a portrait of my dopey dog Diane. She won't pose, porno or not. No amount of doggie treats, rides to the beach, ear-scratching, heck I even tried porkchops. She sees the camera and tucks her tail and runs! Gladys would make a perfect body (and face) double. May I please?

delightful gallery!
jukeboxxx88... - Wine Country san fran bay north - 4Jun2005 1:05 PM
I love to visit this page time and time again, and the great images along with the hilarious comments makes it an awesome bookmark! You have such a keen eye and perspective in your photography, very unique!

Cool dog.
alex.lock... - NY - 19Jan2005 12:56 PM
Cool dog you have. She must want to be out and about alot...

you... - 21Jun2004 5:40 PM
I was searching for hedgehog pics as well and came upon Gladys. What a beautiful site - even with the porno shots! Hugs and Pats, Jane

Must be a cousin of my dog
clopsal... - minneapolis - 31Mar2004 2:19 PM
I also found Gladys' gallery while looking up
"hedgehog" on the web. I have a 60-pound pit-
something mix who is also a crazy runner, cuddler,
watcher--in fact, she could be substituted for Gladys in
virtually any of these photos! Nice to know I'm not the
only lucky one in the world...

you... - NY, NY - 5Feb2004 1:18 PM
i was searching the web for hedgehig and then Gladys and her
hedgehog came up and i coudlnt help myself but look at her
photos. She is a sweet, sweet dog. Thanks for the pictures! Ihop
eyou guys will have many fun years together! :-)


whitteiii... - Indianapolis, IN - 24Aug2003 8:25 PM
I am not sure how grandma would be taking this. Any thoughts?

you... - 28Apr2002 7:15 PM
Neat dog. That said, would anyone want to teach a dog to jump onto a table?

tom... - 26Apr2002 11:46 PM
...this is clearly the work of someone with way too much free time on his hands.

That said, the shot of Christine and Gladys sleeping peacefully together is priceless.


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