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Abstract Speedgraphic Plus-X Sky Tree Wires 1987

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This is more a geometric study than anything - it is the Russian Olive tree and power lines leading up to my parent's home on the outskirts of Indianapolis - New Palestine, Indiana, to be exact. My advice? Don't be raised there. Our high school mascot was the Dragon. There were only a dozen people of color in the entire county, and none went to our school. I sort of believe the tale that the Dragon mascot was a Clan-related land-grant exchange agreement for the high school.

However, in the 70's my father ran a recording studio which was very popular with the soul and funk groups of Indianapolis at the time, so we managed to sneak a few unsavory elements into the county.

Some of my most vivid memories of childhood involved the fact that our living room had been transformed into a recording studio, and I would often fall asleep to wailing guitars and Leslies for Wurlitzers stuck in the hall (reverb, you know). It was always a kick to have my father come to "career day" at school, where parents would explain what they did for a living. They must have thought he was from Mars.

My parents still live in New Palestine. The studio was closed officially in 1982 after 10 years, and my father resumed the real, boring life as a digital transmission computer designer for Allison Engine (a GM division) in Indianapolis. Come 1991, and GM downscales. Who is encouraged to take early retirement? Yup, my multi-talented father was among those strong-armed from work.

Maurice Whittemore Jr is a fucking genius, no doubt about it. In his spare time since, he has been writing marches (one of which was just debuted by an Indianapolis orchestra), designing guitar to MIDI interfaces, designing world-class free-flight model airplanes and computerized gear to help detect thermals, and teaching himself C++.

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