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Nikon Fm2 Cynthia Bruno Glasses Portrait Smile 1989

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Cindy is from New Jersey, and was on the staff of The Debris at the same time I was (1987-1988).

We got along great and she introduced me her world. She loved to take photos, and she (now) loves to write - she is back in New Jersey now, attending graduate school in creative writing. I don't call her enough.

We would often take off in her car into the unexplored countryside around Purdue University to find things to point our cameras at.

Our favorite find was a farmhouse that had obviously been abandoned about a decade before. Vandals had not quite looted the place - it was scattered with old clothes, fragments of magazines and personal papers, and the garage contained a Ford pick-up truck from the 40's. Whoever left there left in a hurry - they didn't take anything with them. Lots of images just waiting.

I have gone back since, and it just depresses me now - the vandals have discovered the place, and the weather has taken its toll.

The "glasses" picture above is not from the farmhouse, but was taken at Axel Rose's favorite ice cream joint in LaFayette, Indiana, the ancient Frozen Custard drive-up soda shop. Cindy was leaving Purdue for good, and Frozen Custard was on her list of essential photo-memories. So I took some too. I like this image; Cindy didn't usually smile much.

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