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Nikon Fm2 Guitar Jazz Butcher Laurence O'keefe 85mm Tmax 1600 Music Pat Fish Performance 1989

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Cult Of The Basement

The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy.

You often hear stories how people claim that lyrics change their lives, or some such crap. Well, the JBC changed my life in a very real way.

I had been trading letters and cassettes with the English pop band's leader for a couple years. It all started with this photograph I took when they toured the US in 1989, and which actually ended up on one of their albums!

late 1993...

A buzz in the newsgroups... The Mosaic web browser is released... Text on grey backgrounds - of academics saying to the world: I am here.

I already knew my way around a UNIX box, so I started my own website. What I published was my collection of JBC-related info - with over 2500 pages now, this is probably the most comprehensive band websites in existence.

To help me do this, I developed a slick little server-side publishing package called HTDB - descendants of which I still use today. This page was presented to you using HTDB.

early 1995...

My online resume attracts the attention of NETCOM - a large California ISP. I finally escape Indiana and the mind-numbing job I had held for far too long and start my journey in the very real, and very exciting world of legitimate Web Programming.


I've worked in a succession of technology start-ups, had a few modest wins, had quite more losses, but generally the arc continues upward.

Without a passion for the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, I would not have the skills I have today. Without the skills I have today I would not be in this exciting industry.

I owe my direction in life to the JBC.

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