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Nikon Fm2 Drinking 85mm Tmax 1600 Party Smoking 1992

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Random Porch Party

Skitch and friends often had weekend parties at his off-campus house at Purdue.

This is Geneva Tracy. It is her 21st birthday.

I like challenging light.

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That is one of the coolest photos I have ever seen. I mean really cool. I knew Geneva was slick but I had no idea just how slick she was/is. I like her even more now.
Seattle, USofA 28Jun2002 1:21 PM
There you are!!
Skitch just emailed me that picture of me you have!! Ah, my 21st birthday at Skitch's...I actually remember it but couldn't tell if that was actually me for awhile until I saw the writing on my hand. I still have all the pictures you took on all our 'photo shoots'. Even remember that one of you standing in the garage like y'day and I have the rest of them!! Looking thru your pics is like taking a walk back in history!
Geneva 2May2002 2:28 PM