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Nikon 995 Doomed Field Mountains Pena Adobe Sky 2003

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Pena Adobe Is Doomed

Well, it is finally happening.

The Pena Adobe (Paradise) Valley - the LAST remaining unspoiled valley between San Fransisco and Sacramento along Interstate 80 - the LAST big beautiful valley larger than one square mile - the LAST refuge of birds and wild fennel and flowers and things that go "chirp"...

Is being surveyed for destruction.

For 5 years, I've driven past this valley, holding my breath each time, hoping that the "For Sale" signs will have remained unchanged in their status.

In late April 2003, the signs changed to "Coming: Master-Planned Community and Business Park" and a half-dozen tall stakes had been driven down the spine of the valley.

This is one frame of a sequence taken with the intent of making a panorama that will be placed into the mailboxes of the future inhabitants - so they will know what they helped to destroy.

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