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rose trio
icky clouds
woodland leaves
ymca boys
Isleton boxers
Nevada Sunrise
Playground Equipment
Kiddie Transporters
Bird Of Paradise
Confident Swimmer
Yolo Pig
Swim lessons
Feather Falls detail
smashed shipment
Nevada Flatscape
train blur
Grand Junction, Utah
Colorado Homestead
Princess Stinky
Martin's head
McWay Falls
The Old Coast Road
pico blanco sunset
Stubborn Horsey
Big Sur Moth
pfeiffer shell
Big Sur River Hell
the MR2 hits 99,000
The Big Drive
Zmudowski Beach
Hippy Lunch
Artichoke Fields Forever
Mountain and fence
Hills and bales
Gladys in winter wheat
Bar Dog
Golden Gate Bridge
Doomed oak, Pena Adobe Valley
Tagged planter
Gladys, nuts at Pena Adobe
Apples, lost in San Francisco
...slight chance of rain
Moon over mountains
unnaturally colored

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